Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I unexpectedly have some time on my hands to devote to my blog. The fact that I am at work speaks volumes about the situation I find myself in at present. I have been searching for ways to fill my time, and just yesterday remembered my abandoned blog. I am going to try to use this to fill some time, and to record this time for the future.

When last I was at this blogging I was working to become a full time high history teacher. The current economic situation foiled that plan. Teacher lay-offs have not only made it impossible to find a job, they have made substitute teaching unavailable. The laid off teachers are getting the sub assignments. I do not begrudge the teachers trying to make a living by subbing, it only makes sense. I am saddened by not being a teacher or even a sub. This is particularly difficult at the moment. I have taken a temporary job at Cal State Fullerton, and find myself working at the end of June, when I had become accustomed to being off work for the summer. I leave the house each morning with sadness as I think of the things that I would be doing if I were home (reading, knitting, exercising...).

I will spare my readers the rant about failed economic policies, and the self-pity of my current depressed state. I will say that it is difficult these days, but I am going to try to focus on the positive here. I have a job when many do not. I, nor anyone that I love is or has been in either of our two wars. These alone are reasons to celebrate. I will try for today to celebrate...