Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I unexpectedly have some time on my hands to devote to my blog. The fact that I am at work speaks volumes about the situation I find myself in at present. I have been searching for ways to fill my time, and just yesterday remembered my abandoned blog. I am going to try to use this to fill some time, and to record this time for the future.

When last I was at this blogging I was working to become a full time high history teacher. The current economic situation foiled that plan. Teacher lay-offs have not only made it impossible to find a job, they have made substitute teaching unavailable. The laid off teachers are getting the sub assignments. I do not begrudge the teachers trying to make a living by subbing, it only makes sense. I am saddened by not being a teacher or even a sub. This is particularly difficult at the moment. I have taken a temporary job at Cal State Fullerton, and find myself working at the end of June, when I had become accustomed to being off work for the summer. I leave the house each morning with sadness as I think of the things that I would be doing if I were home (reading, knitting, exercising...).

I will spare my readers the rant about failed economic policies, and the self-pity of my current depressed state. I will say that it is difficult these days, but I am going to try to focus on the positive here. I have a job when many do not. I, nor anyone that I love is or has been in either of our two wars. These alone are reasons to celebrate. I will try for today to celebrate...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have been struggling with what to write here lately. Thus the meager posting I have done.

I decided just for the sake of having something to say, I will talk a bit about the books I have read so far this year. It is no where near what I need to have read based on the list I made for myself. But I have enjoyed my literary journey so far this year

I began the year slogging through World Without End by Ken Follit. I have already posted about was long, enough said.

I have read:

People of the Book
The Shop on Blossom Street
Eat, Pray, Love
Into the Woods
Running with Scissors
Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister
The Russian Concubine

All good reads! Sorry I don't have authors names. Some of the books were from the library or borrowed, I aren't in my possession any longer.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DD's Prom

This is my dd looking beautiful and excited to be going to her Senior Prom. I was happy taking a million pictures of she and her boyfriend before they left. It was when they left that I became just a bit sad...

As they drove off in the rented 2010 convertible mustang, that DD refused to put the top down in for fear it would ruin her hair, I couldn't help but think about how fast the time has gone by. She is slowly leaving me. She is still my 1st born, and she is still my "girl", but she is growing up so fast! She is mature, poised, and just down right fabulous! Of course all of this is what I wanted, but it is sad to see that most of my work is done. I wish now that I had looked ahead a moment to this time, and enjoyed the journey a bit more. I suppose I could blame the angst that was so much of HER journey to this point! But I won't. What I am going to do is enjoy, well try to enjoy the rest of her journey.

DD, I love you with all of my heart.

To myself, I say you will enjoy the rest whether you like it or not!!! Wait, isn't that what I used to say to her?...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Road trip

This is just one of the many beautiful buildings at CSU Chico. It is an amazingly gorgeous campus!!!! I feel totally comfortable with the idea of my dd going to school there. I was sad too though because I will miss her. She has become not just my dd, but a bff!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring and the winter of my discontent

Ah yes, the signs of spring in my garden. This picture is green, and full of new growth. I feel totally the opposite!

Actually my life is good. I am grateful to have a teaching job (at least until June). My family is healthy...but I am smack in the middle of a PMS funk! That is particularly ironic since I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago!!!!!!!!

I think my life can be summed up as a series of stark contradictions. For example, the fact that I am about 95% gray, and still get pimples! That is just not fair! Neither is the fact I get pms but not a period! I am cranky, sad, just blah! I have been mean to my WH and the kids. I am going to just get over myself and my pity party right now!

So let me talk about my garden. This is but a small section. It is planted rather randomly. I just put stuff in the ground and see what happens. I love to play with combinations of color and texture. I use a lot of purple and yellow because those are the only colors WH can see. He is very color blind. The garden needs trimming, and weeding. I have the next 2 weeks off from work for spring break so I will spend some time with my crazy lady hat, clippers and gloves. This is a very rewarding activity. I will post results as soon as they are available!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have been very bad about keeping up with my blog. I have been consumed with work and family life. I know that is exactly what I am supposed to be talking about here, but these things can make me too tired to write. Classic caught between a rock and a hardplace situation!

Work, it is called "work" for a reason! I am loving it, but I expend so much energy controlling the class so that learning is possible, I usually have to come home and take a nap! Forget blogging then. I will say that I do love my job. And, in this economy, I feel grateful to have a job!

The family is good. DD goes back and forth between being excited about going away to college next year, and crying from fear. She and I are going to visit Chico during spring break. I hope that helps her be more excited.

CS is doing ok. He needs to take his meds so that his mood will be stable. He is going to have to learn for himself that life is better on the meds than not. It worries me, but I can't force them down his mouth.

WH is coming to a peaceful place with work. He too is happy to have a job in this economy. That makes the deadline driven nature of his job easier to take. I am glad. This makes his easier to live with when work gets extra busy!

We continue to have happy time together. This is new for our family. One of the kids would usually do something to ruin any time we had together. I think the kids are starting to realize that our relationship as a family is changing. DD leaving to go to college will be a huge change. We will be happy for her and miss her at the same time.

So that is life in the land of the ordinary for now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My 14 year old son (cs) has taken to walking around the house asking what he should do with his life. He is coming to the conclusion that he doesn't want to play sports anymore, and therefore his dream of a professional career are going to have to fade away. He is having trouble with the void that is left. He knows he must go to college. I have never discussed anything but WHERE my kids will go to college, not if they will go. I think knowing this is comforting. He is struggling with what comes next. Now I realize that 14 is young to be having a mid-life crisis, but he is like me, and wants to know what the future holds.

My reaction is to be proud, and scared. I am proud that he is mature enough to know that what he does now will effect his future options. I am scared because he is a gentle and sensitive boy. He is truly having a mini crisis. Thankfully he loves to cook, especially to bake. He is actually quite good at it too. He cooks something for us every weekend. He made waffles a couple of weeks ago that were the best I have ever had! So in my mind I can see him in a white shirt with a big hat and flour all over the place! Of course, this is me making plans. He could decide to become a lawyer or teacher next week!

I am just happy that he has an activity he can enjoy (even if it means I will gain lots of weight).

To my CS I say enjoy your journey of discovery...take your time figuring out what you want from life.