Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to Big Bear

Probably the most exciting and frustrating parts of my recent trip to the mountains was getting there. I was really looking forward to the trip until my husband informed me that it was not recommended that chains be put on PT Cruisers.

Well, I must digress and say that my PT (Patience Tiffiany) is my favorite car EVER!!!! It is the ninth car I have owned, and it is the only one that magically makes me cuter! Seriously I am cuter because of this car. The chain situation involved the clearance between the tires and the wheel wells - I think. Anyway my husband told me stories of people getting there cars shredded. Needless to say this did much to damper my enthusiasm. How could a car with shredded wheel wells make me cute? I was terrified!!!!!!!!!

Takiing a leap of faith I listened to my savey neighbor, whose wife owns an almost identical PT and off we went. My husband had not told me he really had no idea how to put the chains on, nor that he had bought the bungee cord like things to keep them in place at the last minute!

I became apparent that their was a problem when we reached the snow line, and almost an hour passed and we were still sitting there with my husband struggling to get the chains on. I had to break into the stash of chocolate we had brought to share with our friends so as not to show my quickly approaching nervous breakdown. Thank GOD for kind strangers who will help hopeless flatlanders put on their chains for beer money. It cost 40 dollars, but the chains were one, and we were on our way.

All was well until we realized that our yahoo map had left out the last turn before the street we were heading to@! We remained calm. (Seriously - most of the time anyway). We cam upon a very stuck pick truck and trailer with some sort of vehicle that resembled a Zamboni! They were blocking the road and very grumpy! They sent us on an hour detour that got us even more lost. We ended up outside of the local Wal greens considering checking into a motel. (Oh, we forgot to make sure that our friends phone numbers were in my cell phone. WH keeps washing his so it only works sporadically!)...I have to get ready for work now much more to come.

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