Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stitch and Bitch!!

Yes!!! I have joined a knitting group, and it was almost as wonderful as chocolate. I sat for 2 hours knitting and talking to a group of funny and intelligent women. I also discovered that after 16 plus years of knitting, I know little or nothing about the knitting world. I am overwhelmed with the amount of information I ingested tonight!

The best part though was the fact that we had to have a sit in, or should I call it a knit in to get to have the meeting. As far as I understand it, the group has been meeting at the Barnes and Noble on PCH in Long Beach for several years. The community events coordinator was let go, and we were informed that there "is not a Februrary calendar". Apparently in this extremely intelligent mans mind no calendar equals no meeting. We asked if we could just go sit in the events area and make a circle of about 12 and knit. Although the employee never said no directly it was heavily implied! We stood outside the store for about half an hour trying to decide upon an alternate location. We came to the conclusion that since 2 members of the group had actually made purchases, and the people in the evenst area hadn't that we could just go and knit. Well, the employee wasn't happy, but he got a few extra chairs. All was well in the end, but I will think twice before purchasing books at Barnes and Noble in the future!


  1. Hey Mimi,
    We are so glad you joined our group! Can't wait to knit and chat again!

  2. Thanks for joining Mimi! We are happy to have you, here in LA county (Long Beach exactly.
    Sandra D.