Sunday, January 11, 2009


So I thought it was time to reexamine the reason I am blogging.

First, I want to leave behind a record of my life. I titled my blog notes from the ordinary because, although I am definitely not boring, I am not extraordinary either. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, etc. I live out of the limelight of our celebrity obsessed society. My life is simple. I love clothes, so I buy them at Target. I love to decorate my cozy 4 bedroom house, so I paint, garden, and rearrange furniture. I like to travel, so we go where we can for as inexpensively as we can. We are going camping in Northern CA this summer. (Teenage daughter is not happy about this. She may pass on the trip!) I am also a homebody. There is no where I would rather be than my own house! I buy antique (used) furniture, jewelry and just about anything else.

Second, I feel like it is a good idea to document one's life just for one's self! In 5 years I will laugh and smile, and maybe cry about what I write here!

Finally, I have mentioned the fact that I am mixed race. This has allowed me to live in two worlds. Although I don't feel completely comfortable in either. I do know more about more about "white" culture than most "black" people, and definitely more about black people that white. This allows me to have a perspective on things that is unique. I do not prefer either culture. My first husband was black. We divorced because of a basic difference in values that was not race related, it was socio-economic. He was raised poor on a farm in rural North Carolina. I was raised middle-class in Northern Orange (I will explain the importance of this distinction another time). We had different assumptions and expectations, and let a physical attraction go way tooooo far! My second (and last) husband (wh - wonderful husband) is white. He is the first generation son of English immigrants. His father and Uncles started a sheet metal business that his cousins still run. They were successful, and my husband was also raised middle-class, first in Palos Verdes CA, and then Thousand Oaks CA. Even though his parents speak with an accent, use funny words, and eat strange food, they raised wh and his brother with the same values as my parents raised my sister and I. We look at life in a very similar way!

Oh my, did I get off track! I guess that means it is time to say goodbye for now. Thanks for reading!

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