Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolved: I will work to be a more positive person!

When you suffer from depression, you have to work to stay positive. From this moment on I am going to make an effort to make my blogs happier! I can't promise I won't go on a rant about politics, or my family, but I will try to keep this to a minimum. I think I am at my best when i am counting my blessings.

Yesterday, my wonderful husband was in a fender bender. He was rear ended when he had to stop quickly to avoid hitting a crossing guard and some kids! First lets applaud his heroism! There was a long line of SUVs waiting to turn down the street to take their kids to school. When the crossing guard suddenly appeared from behind one of them it was a shock. Thank goodness he still has quick reflexes! Wait, I am the old one in the relationship, not him.

Anyway, he was unhurt!!! YIPPEE!! We can't really tell if our 10 year old Mazda 626 was hurt or not! It is an understatement of colossal proportions to say that it has has its share of "mishaps", including, but not limited to baseballs, rocks, baseball bats...(14 year old son)! The other drivers insurance company was able to see however, that the car has sustained $620.00 in damages! I think it is truly a gift to be able to put a dollar amount on the damage of 10 years of owning a car minus what was done when your client couldn't stop quickly enough!

We are happy! My husband is okay, the care is paid for, and still works fine, and we have a few hundred dollars that are badly needed! We are broke.

I think that this is a sign of great things to come in 2009!

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  1. What a great goal for 2009! I am bad at being negative too.