Saturday, January 3, 2009

What was God thinking?

So much for trying to be optimistic about 2009!
I just read a timeline of the hostilities between Israel and Hamas! I had been trying to avoid too much information about the situation. (Head in the sand approach to happiness) My husband asked me if there was any news on the situation since I was sitting at the computer! YIKES!!!

Okay, so here is my question? How does an intelligent person avoid depression and be an informed citizen of the world at the same time? Seriously, I am crushed by hopelesness when I read about what is going on between Israel and Hamas. I read the comments of world leaders and found no comfort there. Especially since both our soon to be former president, and our president elect did not make any comments at all. They are being made aware of the situation! Does that mean what I think it does? They are both too busy to comment?

I am not a regular attendee of a church, but I do believe in God the Creator. What was the point of creating this beautiful world, and then putting such selfish, stupid, greedy, violent people on it?

I know, not everyone is selfish, greedy, or violent. In fact most people thankfully are not. But those who are seem to be the ones who affect how we all live. Why is that? And, why can't I just live my life happily ignorant of the pain of those on the other side of the world? Why, because, I was raised to care, and I believe we are supposed to care! Damn, that makes it so hard!

I live in Orange County CA, I should be able to be shallow, and selfish!

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