Monday, January 12, 2009

I stand corrected

My sister is in the middle with her son, my mom is on the far right, and I am on the left

Before I start, I want to say that life is good! My kids are self-absorbed brats, but I love them, and they love me! MY wh is such a loving and kind man. He just gets me! It makes our life so easy. We fight, but we talk, and we talk some more, and then we laugh, hug and thank our blessings!

Okay, so for the topic of the day...

I told my mother about my new adventure in the world of blogging. She was interested and read what I have written. I won't quote what she said because I would feel like I was bragging, but let it suffice to say she enjoyed what she read!

She did however want me to be sure that I understood exactly what the dna testing said about her and my father. My mother is 49% African, 1% Asian, and 50% European. My father is 53% African and 47 % European. Okay that is done! Those of you out there have the real truth. That makes me 51% African, .5% Asian, and 48.5% European, I think!

I have to ask myself why it was so important that I be so exact about the numbers. I know the answer already...The more European, the better. (I'm sorry Mom) In a society where until November 4th, White was right, I don't really blame her. The fact that she grew up in a city that has a community of light skinned people of mixed racial descent who kept to themselves makes this even more likely.
My daughter and a friend...put her
by mistake...can't delete now!
Besides, I know my mother. She doesn't want race, and skin color to matter, but they do. She is a product of her upbringing. There is much there of which to be proud. The fact that both of her parents, grandparents, and great grand parents had college educations is a source of great pride for my mother and for me! Her grand father had a PhD! I love telling people that my great grandfather, an African American who served in WWI had a PhD. That makes me feel special. I feel a great sense of duty to those upon whose shoulders I stand. And, if they were more concerened about skin then I would like to be, so be it, I am still very proud of them (Mom, I love you!)

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