Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Oath of Office

Was I the only one who was bothered by the total mess up of the oath of office? I know it is just words, or so some would say. I happen to be one who believes that words are extremely important. Perhaps that is part of my need to keep a blog, or the reason I study different versions of history and agonize over the difference between the meanings and conotations of words.

When I read that President Obama had retaken the Oath I was relieved! I was waiting for some right wing extremist to claim Obama had not actually become president because of the problem. We do live in the world where his citizenship was questioned as late as weeks after the election. I am elated about Obama's presidency, but I a pragmatic too. He will have to dot every i, and cross every t as he goes about his duties, as had the "first" black person to hold every other important position.

I don't know the details of why this was done, but I will sleep better tonight!


  1. It did not, unfortunately, escape the notice of many extremists (and some which might not be described as extreme...NBC News, for example); however, I would like to believe (perhaps my shell of cynicism is not that tough...yet) that it was, in large part, a "flub" that might be explained by nerves. The inauguration of a president, any president, is a BIG deal; this was Roberts' first one, and although they are in public positions, judges (esp. Federal/Supreme Court judges) are not often the center of attention (or, for that matter, close to the center of attention). I hope that this does not become a "constant loop" for the left or the right. The nation is facing serious issues and we need serious people to address them: I do not wish that that be distracted by buffoonery as to whether or not President Obama IS in fact president: Washington kissed the Bible: did Obama? If not, then I am afraid he cannot be president...give me a break. Finally, I am encouraged by a poll which says that 85% of Democrats (although I thought that # would be higher) are hopefully of the direction the nation appears to be headed; as well as 45% of Republicans (like me). Peace.

  2. I agree with you about the oath. I remember commenting to my students that it seems they would have practiced the oath. I was relieved to find out that the error originated with Chief Justice Roberts and not President Obama (I still get chills when I type or say that.). That being said, I don't share the idealism that everyone else has about his presidency. I realize that he can't fix everything, but I am hopeful that his presidency will be a change for the better.