Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day

Okay, where to I start...

Today was simply magical. The graciousness with which our country changes power is a thing of true beauty. No one was more glad than I to see FORMER President Bush get into that helicopter and fly away for the last time! But he was treated with respect by the crowd, and President and Mrs. Obama. (I love the sound of that!!!!)

I wore my Obama t-shirt to work for the first time today. This was a difficult decisions. There is much disagreement among history teachers about how much of our political views we should share with our students. My dd profoundly explained when I was making the decision, that it is no longer a political statement, but an act of patriotism. Anxious for a good reason to wear the shirt I used her thoughts, and put 2 Obama buttons on the shirt!!!!! The majority of my students were in favor of Obama, so I if I offended anyone, it was only a few. They know that I respect the office of the presidency separately from the holder, so they realize that I am happy about Obama, and having our democracy!

The older people, especially those of African descent were the most moving to me. I did not think I would live to see a person of African descent become president. I can't imagine the feelings of people like my 95-year-old grandmother who was born 6 years before women got the right to vote! She lived in the Jim Crow south for many years in her childhood. Today was a triumph on so many levels.

Malia and Sasha were adorable! It is nice to have kids in the white house! The joy of watching kids is a universal thing that will bring people of all sorts together to smile and celebrate!

Mrs. Obama's inauguration outfit was awesome! She nailed it. The gloves, the dress with the gorgeous collar of rhinestones, and that amazing coat were an excellent choice. The evening dress was a bit of a challenge. On my parents 57 inch tv she look like a cotton ball! She looked much better on our old fashion 27 inch. I knew there was a good reason we weren't buying one of those uber expensive flat screen monstrosities!!!

I will sleep better tonight, dreaming of a better tomorrow for the US and the World!

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