Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is Minnie! She is a mini dachshund. She will be 2 years old in March. She has been a member of our family since June of 2007! This is a good story...
We visited my bff in Jacksonville FL in the fall of 2006. Her family has an adorable mini dachshund named Mickie! My wonderful husband (wh) and I fell in love with him and decided that we would get a dachshund sometime in the future. I said it had to be after we got the hardwood floors I had been wanting forever! (I have the only house built in the '50s that didn't have wood floors!!!) Anyway in June just as school was ending I saw an ad in the Pennysaver for a mini dachshund female puppy for a very reasonable price. Just as a joke I showed it to my wh. Much to my surprise, his response was, "Let's go take a look at them." I was shocked. I realized that if we got a puppy it would take up all of my relaxation time! I was having second, nay, third thoughts! So to call my husbands bluff, I said, "I'll only get a dog if I get my hardwood floors". I knew this would be the end of the discussion! I couldn't have been more wrong. He said "okay".
I was the one whose bluff had been called! We went to look at the puppies, Minne (our name for her) crawled into my lap and fell asleep as soon as we got there. It was a done deal! We brought her home and have fallen more in love everyday since. OH yes, and I got my much wanted hardwood floors!
She is a funny little dog. She will run out of the house and as far away as possible if she gets the chance. But at home she does nothing but sleep all day. Sleep is a major part of her life. She is the only dog I know who sleeps in. It annoys her when we get up early on work days and wake her up. When we sleep in on the weekends, she doesn't start whining to go out until 9:30 or 10:00! I have never known a dog like that. She will curl up as close to one of us as possible on the couch, or in a chair, and her eyes just can't stay open. There are occasional moments when she runs around the house as if she has been possessed by a hurricane. We call these "Big Mac Attacks". They happen about once or twice a week.
My in-laws live near a lot of undeveloped land, and they have lots of wildlife in their yard. When we were in Hawaii in June Minnie spent 10 days with them. She attacked and killed about 6 or 7 poor little baby rabbits. The in-laws are very nice and never said how upset they were. My father-in-law loves those bunnies. I know he was very sad!
So we have a lazy but vicious killer beast of a dog. She doesn't do much but sleep and cuddle, but she got me my hardwood floors!

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